2018 Santa Barbara Fiesta Rodeo dates are August 2, 3, 4 & 4.

Dog Trials eliminations have been moved from Sunday June 24th to Saturday July 21st.  Contact Adam Teixeira @ 805-459-1519 for further info or see page 32 of the rule book.

2018 Fiesta Rule Book

Rulebook & Entry Forms


All events listed are open to Tri-County residents and horses ONLY.

Fiesta Pattern


-Tri-County Area:  Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura Counties.

-Tri-County Resident: A contestant who has lived in the Tri-Counties from February 1st of the current year, to the closing date of entries.  EXCEPTION:  Anyone maintaining a residence in the Tri-Counties, who has a legal residence and lives out of the Tri-Counties, is eligible to enter the show.  The residence must have been owned on or before February 1st of the current year.

-Tri-County Horse: A Tri-County resident must own or have title transfer of the horse on or before July 1st of the current year, unless otherwise specified under individual class.  Proof may be requested and required.

-Proof of Eligibility: It is the contestant’s responsibility to provide the necessary documentation of residency or ownership to the Fiesta Stock Horse Show & Rodeo Committee.  This may consist of bill of sale or transfer, registration, or any other documentation stating ownership. All prizes, money, and entry fees shall be forfeited if any eligibility rule is violated.



Ages are based on the age of the contestant on the first (1) day of July of the current year.

Birth date must appear on entry form.  Proof may be required.

Minors must have release signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to showing.