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Please tell us a little about your experience at the rodeo! We would love to share some of the great stories with those who have never been!


  1. Hi there! I am back again for tickets for the rodeo. We have had such a great time every year, and always bring a new family with us who are dazzled by the evening. Can’t beat sunset at the show grounds with cowboys, horses and music. Friends are now making fun of me for being on a first name basis with the Jedlicka’s people by the end of the week — kids are pretty serious about their outfits for the rodeo. And it’s possible I’ve gotten a few things along the way….just a few. We have a good time, as I am sure everyone does. My great uncle designed the courthouse so we have always had a special connection to Santa Barbara.

    Anyway, I checked in at Jedlickas this morning and was advised to go ahead and buy tickets on the website (we added PBR tickets this year — the kids met the riders at the store last year, and still have their pictures on the walls) and to send you a note in hopes we’d get the same terrific seats we got last year. The website won’t let us choose, so all in your capable hands.

    Thanks for a great event. Am gearing up for a weekend in boots — !

  2. Thank you so much for the generous scholarship for being the 2010 Jr Cowboy All-Around. I really appreciate the support in furthering my education. It helps a lot. I have many fond memories from Fiesta and look forward to it every year. Thanks again!

  3. I wanted to sign up my son for mutton busting how do I do this

  4. Juli Moss says:

    I was at the rodeo Sunday 8/7/16 and would like to know if there are any updates on the cowboy and bull rider who were hurt and taken to hospital? I would like to know if they are ok and how they are doing?

  5. I still cannot believe your opening announcement that the Riders of 2017 wished to dedicate this historic and renowned Fiesta Rodeo Performance “to all those who were born in America.” Shame on you.

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